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Have you tried many times to control the commercial and financial department of your glassware without success?

Digitize the commercial management of your glassware With our VS.wallet tool and become one of the most efficient companies in the glass industry in serving your customers.

What can you do with VS.wallet?

VS.wallet is the ideal tool to automate and streamline the procedures of your commercial team, as well as digitize all the information generated by the sales activity, both in commercial operations, as well as in the management of collections and incidents from your clients.



Checking Accounts Management

Your sales team will have immediate access to balances of your customers

You will be able to know the selling trends using your own dashboard.

The details of the invoices issued to your customers and the ability to forward documentation instantly.

Collections Management

The information of the collection inquiries carried out by the sales force in each client will be stored in the application.

It will be possible to inform instantly to your financial department of the receipts received at the same time that they occur without the need to wait for weekly reports, or waste of time in eternal and expensive meetings.



You will be able to do a intensive follow-up of claims that your sales representatives are dealing with customers.

What cases are opened, what are the main causes, who intervenes in their solution and when they are closed.

Financial management

Your finance department will also be connected .

All the information of the collections received from the commercial team will be available to your finance department, being able to carry out forecasting, preparation and even issuance of receipts and remittances.

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CRM Glassware

The sales team will have a advanced tool where you can write down all the information you deem appropriate about your visits, sales opportunities, pending procedures, etc … from your wallet.

All this information can be analyzed later, being able to generate multitude of automated reports that may be delivered punctually to the mailboxes of those responsible for each area.

The best... THE PRICE

At Vidrioservice we know the need for companies to digitize their commercial and financial departments at a fair price.

That is why at Vidrioservice we adapt to the needs of glass companies so that they invest in digitization and pay only for what they need. Talk later?


From ‚ā¨70per month

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Do you want to have your business perfectly controlled?

At Vidrioservice we have been developing the best technology for the management of companies in the glass sector for more than 20 years, counting among our clients first-rate companies in the sector. Would you like to be one of them?

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