Faithful to our commitment to reinforce the quality of our service and to renew and expand the suite of programs we offer to the glass industry We have finished this year 2020, with all its peculiarities, adding a total of 12 professionals at service of those who give meaning to this adventure, you our clients.

Thanks to your trust, we are establishing our position in the national market, having achieved in recent months the trust of prestigious firms in the professionalism of our services.

There are more than 70 companies in the Iberian Peninsula that have placed the management of their businesses in our team, as well as important companies from countries such as Argentina, Algeria, Austria, Serbia or Russia.

As outstanding additions to our application catalog, we are extremely pleased to highlight VS- Stock a complete warehouse control system in plant from mobile devices perfectly adapted to the reality of a flat glass production . From the cutting tables and their optimizations to the UVA assembly lines and their batches through any manufacturing section.

All with a simple and intuitive web interface to expedite use in a demanding environment with ease of start-up unimaginable for traditional products and a affordable rental price per user as is the usual rule of our house.

Feel free to contact us for a online demonstration without obligation.

It is an enormous satisfaction for the entire VidrioService team to be able to put these modern tools at your disposal so that you can improve your business management and increase competitiveness in your market

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