We can consider a software to a set of logical components necessary to carry out a set of specific tasks (also called automation ) using an electronic device ( hardware ). It is an intangible element (not physical like hardware ) that is part of different devices such as computers, tablets , smartphones and the like to make its operation possible.

It is made up of a set of applications and programs that have been designed to fulfill certain functions within the reference system. It is made up of the algorithms or procedures designed to perform one or more tasks, the processed data and the user information.

The programs that make up the software indicate to hardware the steps you must follow through instructions to complete the procedures for which they have been designed.

Software types

There are different types that you should know:


They are the different languages and alternatives used to develop other application-type software, and could be considered, among others, compilers, text editors, linkers, interpreters, debuggers, integrated development environments and others.


They are the different procedures or algorithms that enable the maintenance of the software-hardware system in general: the operating system itself, diagnostic tools, optimization, correction, utilities, device drivers and servers.

Of application

It allows users to do certain specific tasks in the different fields of activity. As examples we have a business, educational, medical, assisted design or CAD program, databases, apps office automation and much more.

What is software development?

The growth It consists of building the set of procedures and algorithms necessary to carry out a task described in a detailed specification of the problem to be corrected or automated. It is an engineering where there is a clear relationship between the environment and the developed program, since the software is created to cause certain effects in the environment

The program is developed based on the specific needs of those who request it and what they want to do with it. The development consists of creating an application or program that generates a result according to the statement of the specification

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How do I update a software?

In order to update it you need to download the latest version. It is recommended that the device is connected to the internet, either by wired or Wi-Fi connection, and thus be able to download any new version of a program as quickly and safely as possible.

You need to upgrade from the main distribution source, usually the software manufacturer’s repository. Generally, a notification or notice is sent when a new version of a program appears. In any case, it is recommended that you always keep your programs updated to the latest version available.

Just download and install the new updated version, you don’t need to delete the old one

What is free software?

The software free allows users to use it without having to make a payment for a use authorization. In this way, it can be copied, distributed, executed, studied, changed and even improved without requesting permission from its owner. It is created under this type of license to allow greater distribution and that anyone who wishes to use it can access it without restriction. This free license is also used to favor collaboration in its improvement and programming of new versions.

Main differences between software and hardware

Meanwhile he software is the intangible part , the hardware It consists of the tangible part or set of material elements that make up the electronic device (monitor, mouse, keyboard, electronics, etc.). Both elements complement each other because they work as a set or information system in order to solve a specific problem.

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