Did you know that changing glass of your windows Is it an investment that you will have to make at some point? Maybe it’s about time and you haven’t noticed, but possibly your Windows they already let the heat inside your home escape. Or you perceive that the outside noise does not let you rest and that also in winter you feel cold despite having the heating activated.

All of the above are signs that glass of your home already need to be changed. Choosing the right type of glass for a window, a room divider, a door, a skylight or a table, depends precisely on the need you have and the properties, characteristics and benefits provided by the materials and components of which they are facts. In the windows, which is where they are most used, regardless of whether they are made of aluminum or PVC, they play a decisive role since it is precisely the glass that provides the precious thermal insulation that retains the heat from the interior if it is cold, and in warm times, they keep the temperature of the house cool by preventing the heat from passing through. The glasses also allow to achieve a good soundproofing and depending on the level of acoustic insulation they have, they favor a better and more relaxed rest.

Choose the Windows more convenient is not easy. You really need to know the type your home needs.

How to choose the right glasses

To make a good choice, you must bear in mind that there is a variety of alternatives such as aluminum windows , wood, mixed or PVC windows . Undoubtedly the fundamental thing is that you choose the glass for your windows adequate, because, after all, they represent 80% of the surface of the Windows .

At present, making the correct selection implies betting on double or triple glazing that constitute insulating units separated by moisture-absorbing profiles, which also provide thermal insulation, solar control and energy saving benefits.

For this reason, the quality of manufacture is decisive in the operation and efficiency that the crystals in your home since the more benefits they offer us, the better we will get from them.

what window to put

Isolation, savings and security

Smart crystals

These high-tech crystals have interesting thermal insulation and light control properties that allow the entry of only 43% of solar radiation while allowing the entry of 70% natural light.

The total isolation that you achieve thanks to the use of this type of crystals generates savings of up to 14% on your electricity bills and up to 38% on air conditioning bills.

Crystals for large surfaces

When in your house there are large windows with high solar exposure, the option is to place special glasses with solar control properties that minimize the entry of radiation into the house.

On the contrary, in winter the use of an inappropriate glass can be a significant source of heating costs, therefore we must use glasses with reinforced thermal insulation since glass is an element with low thermal resistance and high conductivity.

In addition to providing savings in heating and air conditioning, this alternative combines maximum solar control with powerful thermal insulation.

Laminated safety glass

Made up of two sheets of glass joined by an intermediate sheet of butyral PVB, these glasses are an ideal protection for the home, because in case of breakage, no pieces are detached, since they all remain adhered to the sheet mentioned above for greater safety.

This plastic material allows the glass to gain mechanical resistance, making it more resistant and in this way your home will enjoy additional protection against attacks, vandalism or untimely breakage by accident.

Acoustic laminated glass

When your main concern is the outside noise that can alter your hours of rest, there are laminated glasses that provide an appropriate acoustic insulation that attenuates the noise up to 49dB, due to one or more sheets with specific insulation properties, which join the two glasses. .

This alternative can be perfectly combined with smart glasses that control the entry of sunlight and generate energy savings.